Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Healthy recipes to make with peaches

I love fresh peaches, and there are so many good ones this time of year. I won't buy peaches in the winter, they just aren't the same. But do you find that you buy too many and all the peaches get ripe at the same time? That means either you're eating 10 peaches a day or you have to throw them out, which is kind of tragic.

So instead, save some to eat fresh and cook up the rest to make something delicious. There are so many things you can cook with peaches and they don't all have to be fattening desserts! (I also like to put sliced peaches on a salad - yes, with vegetables - try it, you'll like it!) You can make lighter recipes and healthy ones, too. Here are some I've found that I want to try.

These are soaked in a lot of alcohol, so you have to like wine and brandy to like the recipe! I would probably reduce the sugar, peaches are sweet enough.

I love this idea! You can serve it with fish or meat, or I would even serve it on crackers with some goat cheese.

This recipe is so simple and sounds so good! Just bananas, peaches and orange juice.

This is a healthy version of a cobbler. I like that it cut out some of the butter but not all - you have to have some butter for flavour. Peaches taste so good with blueberries!

Do you not want to make this recipe right now? Click through, they're so pretty. You add peach slices to each pancake after you put them in the pan.

Have a light dinner before you eat these to balance out the calories. But they look so good!

What a fun dessert for a party!

What are your favourite things to cook with peaches? Do you have any peach recipes to share?

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