Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Healthy recipes for green bean casserole

Green bean casserole is such a classic recipe, but it can be so unhealthy! It's a great example of how just because something contains a vegetable doesn't mean it's good for you. Canned mushroom soup is handy but it's not something I like to cook with very often - it's so high in fat and salt. Here are some healthy green bean casserole recipes I found to try, let me know what you think!

This one uses a pinch of grated nutmeg - yum! It also has fresh mushrooms and you can use fresh or frozen green beans.

If you can't eat dairy, try this recipe with vegan substitutes.

This recipe uses buttermilk powder, which I'm curious about, because you can apparently use it (reconstituted) for buttermilk in recipes, and I hate buying buttermilk for recipes because I always end up having to throw some out!

This recipe uses homemade cream of mushroom soup to make it healthier.

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