Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fresh Ginger Recipes: Cake, Cookies and Smoothies

I looove ginger, in both savoury and sweet dishes. So when I saw a ginger cake recipe in the Culinate newsletter I was excited to share some fresh ginger recipes with you.

First off, their recipe for gingery gingerbread cake, with fresh and dried ginger. I'm bookmarking this for an upcoming baking session – it looks divine!

Then there are these fresh ginger cookies from All Recipes. I never find ginger cookies gingery enough so maybe the fresh ginger will do it.

I also love to add fresh ginger to my smoothies. I used to grate it first but I've found that my blender can handle chunks - so I just peel and chop now. Pear and ginger is a great combination, or pineapple and ginger, or mango and ginger. I always use bananas too, and protein powder, and fresh nut milk (but you could use the milk option of your choice). Honey goes well with ginger in smoothies too.


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